Tract 180 Water’s Updates and COVID-19 Response

Tract 180 Water assures the community your tap water is safe to drink. The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has no impact on the quality or supply of Tract 180 Water’s tap water.

This outbreak should not disrupt water service to Cudahy and Bell customers. Your tap water is safe, available and plentiful.

At Tract 180 Water, our water undergoes a multi-stage treatment process to eliminate pathogens, which includes viruses, and rigorous testing to ensure it meets strict federal and state standards.

A number of measures are continually taken to ensure water safety starting with source water protection and treatment of water. Tract 180 Water is following all state and federal health and water quality guidelines relating to COVID-19 and will continue to maintain any compliance practices if new regulations are developed.

For COVID-19 updates in the City of Cudahy please visit